chris klein art


the essential difference between a circle and a straight line is that the former defines a finite amount, the latter doesn't.
as such they are reminiscent (albeit inversely) of the 1 and 0 of binary notation, most familiarly known for it's
use in computer code. in a similar way the most basic thought anyone can have is to make a simple
yes/no differentiation. this is also the starting point of natural growth when cells first begin to
divide. when differentiation meets exponential multiplication the possibilities are infinite.

what if we were to consider the possibility that maybe there are no divine plans other than
those that we invent and that everything only seems purposeful because we choose to make it so.
polymorphous is defined as having, taking, or passing through many different forms or stages.
the continuing development of the polymorphism series arose from a fascination with the
similarity between natural forms and shapes that occur as a matter of inevitability.
as the series progressed i allowed myself the indulgence of enhancing
certain aspects of the composition, but not to the extent of
compromising the underlying principal.

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here is a simple demonstration of how the process works

think of this as an experiment exploring the range of possibilities available by combining the simplest of elements.
the tonal images created by superimposing successive circles and lines, expressed as radial and linear gradients,
develop in complexity in a way that resembles the growth of natural forms. There has been no attempt made to
create anything representational - the images just evolve that way as the process progresses.
there comes a point however, at which i can understand what is likey
to happen and can't resist playing god.

this isn't like drawing - i didn't have any idea of what the finished piece would look like;
it is merely a process which continues until i have what i consider to be a satisfactory result.
maybe this is how the universe came into being? there was no-one to "see that it was good".

there was only nothing, and that is an impossible position. in that moment the instability of
nothing eventually became untenable when balanced against the possibility of everything.
the process had begun by which we were to exist, and eventually become sentient.
dark matter and dark energy could be seen as an echo of that paradox.

intelligence gradually becomes self aware as life develops. did we ever
consider the possibility that the world and the universe developed their own rules as
they went along? everything that exists is part of that process - we can talk to god because we are god.
we are now beginning to gain insight into the processes by which those rules are formed and they are
far more fascinating and mysterious than anything we had previously considered spiritual.

the polymorphism series is my personal leap of faith. it is my attempt to understand
and embrace the uncertainty and insecurity that comes
with knowing there never was a plan
and never will be.