chris klein art


each new solution creates another problem which requires another solution.
the more one tries to control a situation, the more uncontrollable it becomes.
architects, town planners, engineers, economists and politicians produced
the overdrive series for me. they have created these shapes through an
uncomfortable juxtaposition of form and purpose, the clash that occurs
when ideals try to live in the real world.

how will these monuments be interpreted hundreds of years from now?
the shapes of our roads appear to suggest something about us, mirroring
our aspirations. without people or vehicles to define their function,
one could wonder what purpose these structures were built to serve.

gradually i have become aware that possibly there is no greater abstraction
than a faithful rendition of what is actually before our eyes. there could
even be a strange beauty and order in the world we see today. religion
was never about the divine, it was just a good set of metaphores for the
human condition - a poetic expression of how we were and how we'll be.

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