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think of this site as an umbrella
covering a range of subjects covered by
the artist answering to the name of chris klein

digital drawing
often asked at exhibitions how i produce my work usually give a stumbling worth explaining the process.
images are created as a variation of digital drawing. first stage use a programme called freehand to make
black and white line drawing. a precise geometric design or other themes drawing over a photograph as
geometric approximation of the tonal image. with representational images working geometric way
inevitably leads to reality treated as abstract puzzle. one could say one deliberately paints
oneself into a corner - put myself into impossible position then try to invent way out.
representational near miss is exported to photoshop so closed areas between
intersecting paths are filled with solid colour or gradient. gradually image
appears as stark exaggeration of original photograph. this point work
on colour balance bringing it closer feel the original scene, not
necessarily the original colours. also rely heavily on
photoshop glowing edges filter redraw graduated
areas enhancing their structural quality.
bit of computer induced laziness
would have been done with
pen or pencil.

through different versions
each image trying to recreate feelings
about each place when first seen. not trying
to create a faithful photographic rendition of what
was there, far from it. chose my subject matter for its
significance, its mystery, the questions it poses and the
moment in time. the photograph is just a thumbnail sketch,
a reminder. the artwork is how i remember it to be, what it
meant to me. philosophical debate about reassembled
deconstructivism would sound pretentious.

fluid geometry
what makes our world affects what we make of it. science has completely
changed our perception of the universe in the last hundred years and it is those
changes that interest me. the realisation that matter isn't matter, but bundles
of energy moving on set paths and held together in a matrix which appears to
have form, has always fascinated me. the contemporary collective unconscious
now includes integrated circuits, neural labyrinths, subatomic particles,
interstellar space, wave forms and chaos theory. fluid geometry is a
representation of this revised perception

dark projections
an inversion of fluid geometry.

alludes to the opinions and emotions not visible at the surface,
an inverted undertow which controls and oversees our comprehension of everyday life.
overcurrents are beyond now, beyond the present -
overcurrents are the future

polymorphous is defined as having, taking, or passing through many
different forms or stages. in this case it is turning into two
dimensional sculpture talking to god

we think our lives have direction - we think we're going somewhere. so many
different directions, so many possibilities. as we drive over the past, over
old values and past mistakes, we're so sure we're making progress
driving forwards towards the future as we leave the past behind

the electric garden
the electric garden was a glimpse of the bigger picture,
born in a brief moment of zen simplicity.

cyber fauve
i chose the name for these pieces with
reference to the surge of positivity that was
prevalent at the last birth of a century

the last fluid geometry
stasis says it all

paintings & framed prints
unique editions

overzero is about life after nothing. it is the still morning after a bad dream.
it is the apocalypse that didn't happen. life without reason, existence without purpose.
not fearing god or death, it is both desolation and hope

chris klein overzero
the sound track to the web site and
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ck overzero
further developments of chris klein's music

including electronic symphonic ambient sequential modern compositions

chris klein overzero youtube
videos to a selection of the album tracks
featuring chris klein artworks, photographs
and modified found images

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