chris klein art

paintings & framed prints

the last "thought shapes abstraction and reality" canvases that relied on my skills aquired as an 'old school'
graphic artist, before progressing to digital art in order to further explore and develop the idea.

twenty voices
is a multiple piece - 20 canvases (10" x 7.5" x1/2") mounted
on board backed canvas (59" x 36.5" x 2"). never to be repeated for
the simple reason that my eyes aren't as good as they were!
a commanding foyer piece priced at £4,000.

also on this page is a selection of A1 Giclée prints on canvas from the overcurrrent
series offered as unique editions in hand finished frames.
the only 5 there will ever be, priced at £450.

additionally, there is a fluid geometry selection of A3 and A4 epsilon prints in
graphite finished box frames - suggestive of a moment encased in a place in time.
A3 box: £60 .......A4 box: £45.

click for a bigger picture